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    TOMÁŠ etc... » PINOT NOIR ČTVRTĚ 2016

    NOTE: We export this PN to Great Britain, Norway, Austria, Slovakei. This wine is served in several Michelin restaurants.

    And in Prague for ex. in Bokovka wine bar by Roman Novotný :-)



    100% pinot noir, the old burgundy clone 115 


    The area of the vineyard: 1,7 ha, the wine comes from an organically cultivated vineyard

    The vineyard has been cultivated under full organic process. We dispose weeds mechanically, no chemicals applied. They contaminate the groundwater and poison life in soil. We protect vines against fungal diseases applying the bio-preparations that yet through contact and a complex of "green jobs" to keep the vines aerated/airy. In grapes you won't find residues of chemical sprays, which cause headache (measured and tested by UKZUZ - Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture). We harvest grapes manually and only the well-matured ones. We love all the hard work and we do it with positive energy, which results in the grapes as well.



    After aging for 12 months some of the classic oak barrels of the wine are ready to be bottled. The remaining part will keep aging. The wine is young and full of taste. The tannins are smooth, acids balanced. The colour is, thanks to the lower quantity of grapes harvested per vine, richer.

    The wine is ready to please lovers of classic Pinot noir. Clone no. 115


    The number of produced bottles: 5000 btls.

    Content 750 ml


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