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Čtvrtě 2021

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  • ČTVRTĚ 2021

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    We planted the vineyard of Čtvrtě with the Pinot noir variety dominated by clone 115, which we consider one of the two best clones in the world. The seedlings come from France, from Dijon. Of course, the vineyard was treaded in organic mode.

    Since 2017, we started replanting the vineyard with very exciting types of Pinot Noir, which are rare even in Burgundy. In 2024, we expect a virgin harvest of our latest clone addition, the Fin, which grown by the iconic DRC.

    Pinot Noir ČTVRTĚ 2021 matured in Francois Freres barrels.

    Note: In order to make the vineyard records more accurate, it was decided by the Moravian Provincial Assembly in 1655 that the vineyard areas would be divided into units called "čtvrtě"




    Pinot Noir Čtvrtě 2021 is a continuation of the very successful pinots from the Čtvrtě vineyard. The harvest was extremely small and so the sugar-free extract is higher than 30g/l. The colour is typical of the Čtvrtě pinots i.e. garnet red with golden edges. The wine is juicy and refreshing, with ripe cherries and plums with notes of chocolate. Long persistence, elegance.

    Very drinkable, cheers!


    Content 750 ml




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