Stapleton & Springer E-shop

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for the eshop

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The export trading terms concern business transactions between subjects registered outside the Czech Republic and Jaroslav Springer, s.r.o., Bořetice 509, EU VAT no. CZ29212979.


Ordering and entering into a contract

All the orders made via the e-shop is valid and obligatory for supplier.

Supplier accepts also written orders sent by ordinary mail or e-mail with the exact specification of:

- Variety of wine

- Quantity

- Customer name and address

- Delivery address (if delivery required)

- Way of payment


The prices published in the e-shop of the website are valid and obligatory in the moment of placing an order.

All the prices are EXW including valid VAT.


Way of payment

Payment in advance, bank transfer

- Cash for the collection


Delivery and transport outside CZ

The cost of delivery is not included into the prices.

Jaroslav Springer, s.r.o. can provide a specialized delivery based on further specifications and individual requirements of a customer.